Steorn, Free Orbo Energy, New World Order

I’ve been following Steorn for some time now and I thought I would share the amazing potential and possibilities that there breakthrough could bring

First a little recent history

Orbo is the brand name of Steorn’s free energy technology

Steorn’s main claim: Orbo produces free, clean and constant energy

“What we have developed is a way to construct magnetic fields so that when you travel round the magnetic fields, starting and stopping at the same position, you have gained energy”

The first time most people heard of Steorn was when they published an advertisement in the Economist late last year (2006). The main idea of this was to attract the attention of qualified experimental scientists to prove off there technology by means of testing.

It worked! More than 5000 people applied to become involved in this jury validation process, from which Steorn duly picked 22 qualified academic scientists / engineers.

From the Q1 2007 Steorn update it was suggested that these 22 people are high ranking academia and will be recognized and accepted by the public and peer groups alike.

Applications where this new technology could be used,


Public lighting and local utilities

Water purification

Farming and gardening

Office, industrial and home generation

Freight ships, ferries and pleasure craft

Public transport

Consumer electronics

Household appliances

As you can see the list is quite impressive and covers vast current technologies

Take consumer electronics for example, imagine never having to charge your cell phone. To developed countries this technology would have a big impact, but imagine the impact on developing countries, truly enormous and mind blowing.

For example I would think a large proportion of people in poor African countries do not own a phone, do not have street lighting and they could live in a shanty town. Why is this the case? Money, Corruption, War

That is a big question with many answers, but imagine free energy in developing countries, the countries infrastructure could be quickly developed, a cable electricity network may not even be needed, you could have orbo units in homes, businesses and the streets. Phone cable networks, bypass them altogether instead use orbo powered cell phones and local masts powered by orbo units.

The consumer electronics area is a biggie and in my view may be the first area developed, if corporations can smell a profit in untouched countries they will move in fast, this in itself could act as momentum for the governments to develop instead of spending money on caviar and guns.

Likewise if the big multinationals can smell profits in new opportunities in developed countries they will probably be fighting each other to get there hands on the new technology. This could act as a momentum to change the way we use electricity, we will probably use more, but it will surely be cleaner than fossil fuel emissions and nuclear waste by-products.

Steorn first have a big challenge, in my opinion not to prove off the technology (probably in the bag already) but to have the technology accepted by the scientific community. The way they are going about this by means of a scientific jury, and Steorn’s developers forum is a great start. Luckily they have the internet on there side as well, a global medium for which to share the results of there progress.